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We help people in need get the legal assistance they deserve. We have a large network of law firms and attorneys who work Pro Bono which means without charge, according to the recommendation of the American Bar Association that suggests that attorneys should practice 50 hours of Pro Bono work per year. We connect those who do not afford legal advice and representation with local lawyers that are specialized in their legal issue.


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Pro bono is a term whose meaning is derived from Latin to mean "for the public good". 

The main meaning behind the name is offering free legal representation - though the meaning can bear a more specific meaning to a person working as a lawyer or legal representative. It, basically, is professional work that is undertaken by a volunteering professional - a lawyer - and does not require payments for the legal assistance they will render. 

The pro bono services are geared towards offering free legal aid and legal advice to clients who are not well-off financially, religious organizations, charitable organizations and non-profit groups.The United States American Bar Association (ABA), under its ethics rules, recommend that every lawyer contributes fifty hours minimum pro bono services every year. They are required to act in the interest of the public by having reasonable rates and providing the free legal advice to the persons in need of the same. 

The law profession's main aim is to ensure that every member of the public is granted access to the legal and justice system. The American Bar Associations steers this goal by creating, conceptualizing, designing and implementing various pro bono programs that are aimed at helping the disadvantaged in the community access the corridors of justice. There are many private practitioners and lawyers working with various law firms in the United States that dedicate their time, effort and legal expertise in assisting needy parties in attaining justice or sort out any legal issues that they may have. 

One can always find a pro bono lawyer in the state they are in at any of its law firms. Some of the firms and organizations comprise of hundreds of volunteer lawyers dedicated to the justice course. The sole purpose is to ensure that every member of the public gets their well-deserved legal representation regardless of their financial capabilities.

Most Common Areas of Pro Bono Service


Business lawyers are the most equipped to handle bankruptcy pro bono cases. 
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Civil Rights Law

Pro bono assistance is, also, provided on matters concerning civil rights. 
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Family Law

The most common legal issues with respect to the family law include marriage, paternity, child custody, child abduction, divorce etc
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Health Law

Many lawyers and law firms in the US offer pro bono assistance to the vulnerable populations and any eligible persons who are in need of them.
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Immigration Law

The lawyers help acquire the various types of visas like the employment visa that allows a non-citizen to work in the US.
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Labor Law

The pro bono lawyer will offer legal advice, representation and any form of legal aid that is aimed at ensuring that low-wage workers operate in a dignified working environment.
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Personal Injury Law

The most common cases in personal injury law include job loss, injury due to an accident, illness, divorce or death of a person dear to you.
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Real Estate Law

An attorney of this field helps handle the leasing of property, eviction proceedings or issues between tenants and landlords.
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Tax Law

The pro bonoattorney assist the taxpayers, particularly the low-income taxpayers to audits, tax appeals and collection disputes.
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Who is Eligible for Pro Bono Legal Assistance?

Pro bono services are offered for free, fact that means that not all citizens can have access to them free of charge. One has to be eligible for a pro bono representation before acquiring a pro bono legal assistance. That means that one has to be eligible for a pro bono representation before acquiring the same services. This is to avoid the practice being abused and prevent people from taking advantage of the lawyers and their profession. As such there are various guidelines that have been set to determine whether a person is eligible for pro bono. 

One of the most important considerations is a person's income. The various counties and states have their various income ranges within which one qualifies for free legal representation. Those whose income fall beyond the specified limit do not qualify for the same. A person's income is checked together with their household size. Persons with large household sizes have a higher limit to ensure fairness in the process.
There are times one can constitutionally qualify for free legal representation. People charged with a crime that may lead to them being imprisoned and they lack the funds to hire their own attorney are required to be provided for legal requirement. They are required to request the court to appoint for them an attorney when they make their first court appearance.

If the type of case being handled is not a criminal case, then the right to a free lawyer does not apply. However, people can still acquire free legal representation. The extremely low-income people are the ones who benefit more from this; although those who are slightly better off can, also, enjoy the services. Great preference is put on the disabled, the elderly, those in the military those in situations that make it rather difficult to obtain legal counsel.

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